Media tech company Media Measure gets funding boost from E2 Investments

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Investment company E2 is providing funding and expertise to start-up tech company Media Measure as part of its drive to help create jobs and attack poverty in the southern African region.

E2 Investments aims to make a social impact and financial returns through putting money in businesses created by people who have gone through a fellowship run by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation to encourage entrepreneurship among young people within southern Africa.

“E2 is excited to be supporting Media Measure in its entrepreneurial journey,” E2 chief executive Sawa Nakagawa said. “We look for entrepreneurs such as Media Measure’s founder Naeem Ganey who show drive, vision, and value-alignment.”

Media Measure is a media compliance and marketing insights business operating in nine African countries, which uses its technology to monitor radio and television channels on behalf of clients that have purchased advertising slots from these channels.

“We ensure that advertising complies with the regulatory environment and that adverts are aired according to their booking schedules,” said founder Ganey. “This ensures clients get the true value of their investment in radio and TV advertising.”

Media Measure currently employs three staff in South Africa and has plans to grow. The business currently operates in Rwanda, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Malawi.

“I am excited about the opportunity with E2 to develop tech in Africa. I believe in our country’s and our continent’s ability to develop our own solutions,” Ganey said. Source: IOL

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