Deloitte acquires Frontier Advisory as it continues to target Africa and emerging markets

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Deloitte announces today that it has acquired Frontier Advisory, an advisory house with a strong reputation for advising companies as they expand their operations in the African continent and in other emerging markets.

From today, the company becomes known as Frontier Advisory Deloitte.

As more multinational and local companies look to expand their business footprint in Africa, Deloitte is in turn enhancing its leading capabilities to support these businesses across multiple jurisdictions.

“We are excited to have Dr Martyn Davies and his team join us because of their extensive and intimate understanding of doing business in emerging markets. With the acquisition of Frontier Advisory, we are even better equipped to advise inbound investors and intra-Africa investors,” said Deloitte Africa CEO, Lwazi Bam.

Dr Martyn Davies will continue to be a leading voice in African and emerging market research at Frontier Advisory Deloitte after building a strong reputation as one of the best Pan African and emerging market thought leaders and commentators in the world during his term as head of Frontier Advisory. He moves across together with 12 of his staff.

“I am delighted to join Deloitte and look forward to being a part of Deloitte’s growth in Africa and connecting our continent to the global economy. It is noteworthy that Deloitte has itself been operating in Africa for over 100 years and so I believe the team will be an extremely powerful voice and force in the frontier and emerging markets advisory space,” said Dr Davies.

Mr Bam welcomed Dr Davies to the team and said, “[This move would] further enhance our offering and ability to deliver innovative ideas and add meaningful insights to our client’s plans to grow in Africa. We want to ensure businesses can thrive in these frontier markets and believe the synergies between Deloitte and Frontier Advisory will further enhance our service offering. Our firm has realised impressive growth and we attribute this, in part, to our own expansion on the continent.”

“Deloitte is invested in the future of the African continent and as such, we are particularly excited about the prospects this partnership presents for making a meaningful impact on our client’s, governments and communities on our continent,” said Mr Bam.

Dr Davies said strategic positioning and networks reside in the expanding collaboration between emerging market economies and the African continent.

Frontier Advisory possesses extensive networks, market understanding, and operational experience in all emerging regions that have enabled it to position clients businesses in these economies strategically.

“As Frontier Advisory Deloitte we will be able to develop increasingly strategic and bespoke solutions for clients, with the ability to harness Deloitte’s deep global network providing a new edge,” said Dr Davies.

Head of Deloitte’s Clients and Industries Team, Kevin Black, said strategic positioning focusing on the growing trend of intra-emerging market capital flows, training to leading corporates, multinationals and government organisations, and events would be some of the main areas that would be driven following the buy-out of Frontier.

“There is an extensive amount of global interest, particularly from more mature lower growth economies like the UK and continental Europe, not to mention the new world that is the BRICS around opportunities in Africa and how we can partner with them on this journey,” said Mr Black. Source: Fast Moving


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